Saltwater Aquarium – The Reef

We at Wow Design are specialized on planning filtration systems and designing saltwater aquariums for raising live corals – The Reef Aquarium.

This is the most beautiful, colorful and special in our opinion among all the other kinds of aquariums.

The huge variety of different animals that we can put together in the aquarium gives us the end result to achieve a very rich aquascape in terms of shape and color.

Most of the animals can multiply or spread in time all over the aquarium. That is why the aquarium will end up looking different every time. Every reef aquarium is  unlike each other because each one has a different ecological environment!

We can mix different kinds of corals, colorful shrimps, sea urchins, star fishes and so much more! We import directly state of the art quality equipment which enables us to build a quality unique system above others and this begins with the proper lighting, decorative rocks, filtration systems and pumps.