Wow Design Company has been building special aquariums and fish ponds for the last 25 years.

We design and consult in any or all types of water systems and in any scale. It can be marine fish, reef, planted and other types of fresh water aquariums.

Wow Design has built and continues to build the biggest aquariums in Israel.

Among our clients is The Israel Aquarium which is located beside the Biblical Jerusalem Zoo wherein we built the filtration system of saltwater aquariums in volumes that start at 30,000 liters up to a 1,500,000 liters. We also made similar systems in a project we built a few years ago at Antwerp in Belgium which has among other systems a shark pool of 450,000 liters.

We built huge aquariums for private customers as well. Among our customers has a reef tank of 33,000 liters in Haifa, a marine tank of 10,000 liters in Holon and others.

Wow Design provides services in building, design and maintenance for aquariums and fish ponds on a smaller scale as well.

We give services to public facilities such as hospitals, clinics and private customers all over the country and do so to keep a high level of standard.

Wow Design has a professional team with a good and proper knowledge in the chemistry and biology of the water.

Our knowledge in aquascaping help us design the most amazing looking aquariums.

We collaborate with artists who work with us in designing artificial rocks and wall covers made of light concrete for projects that combines water falls and fish ponds for a special and natural look.